A Place for Kids and Grownups to Learn, Socialize, and Play

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the place where kids & grownups socialize, play & learn




you & other caregivers

Raising a child is hard, and sometimes even lonely. At Tyke Time we strive to create that village we always hear about. Our members benefit from coming into a community of caregivers, exposure to helpful resources, and even a chance to make new friends. Whether you need tips on sleep training, or simply to vent about typical toddler frustrations, you can do it here.


you & your child

Tyke Time is designed so that you and your child can engage in play. There is a multitude of play zones, each focused on developmental benchmarks of children ages 0-5. More and more research is demonstrating the crucial importance of play in child development and the serious consequences of imposing too much structure on a young mind. This is why we designed Tyke Time as a child-led playspace where you can let your child lead the way.


your child & their peers

One of the great things about Tyke Time is that you can step back, relax and watch your child engage with their peers. At Tyke Time we highly value the practice of socialization, particularly in the day of ever-present technology. Simply by letting your child discover the world on their own, you are cultivating crucial skills and building blocks for their success and personal fulfillment into adulthood.


human connection

At Tyke TIme we strive to create an atmosphere that is open and safe. We will help you find whatever you need on a given day, whether it be catching up with a friend, reveling in a quiet moment while your child plays, or carving out a special time with your child. Above all else, we hope that together we can nurture our deep need for human connection.