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Tyke Time Online!

Changing the Face of Online Education


About Us

From the Beginning

Create. Explore. Imagine. 

These are just a few of the skills and qualities that children develop at Tyke Time. 

Since our founding, we’ve focused on supporting parents and caregivers and the developmental benchmarks of children, ages newborn to five years.

What is Tyke Time Online?

Tyke Time Online is changing online education for preschoolers!

Tyke Time Online is for any parent:

  • ​That has a 2-5 Year Old Child

  • Is looking for fun, structured STEAM* activities to use with the kids in their lives

  • Is focused on hands-on learning and child-led play opportunities

  • Is seeking a more well-rounded learning experience

  • Is conscious of the developmental milestones along the way

*STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

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Tyke Time Online 



$28/Artist Course - All Access!

FREE Parent Resource Center

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Pablo Picasso


Get ready for a colorful and vibrant journey through the artistic world of Picasso and learn about how you and our natural world grows, looks and changes everyday!


Georgia O'Keeffe


Georgia O'Keeffe takes us on a journey of blending colors, feelings and choices, and into the exciting scientific world of discovering plants and flowers!

Jackson Pollock


Discover and blast off into the world of action art and building like an engineer!

mondrian 2.jpg

Piet Mondrian


Find balance and beauty in primary colors, dinos, and dancing!

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Our Mission

Connect, Learn, & Play!

Tyke Time is a child-led play space that supports parents, caregivers, and the development of children ages newborn to five years of age.

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(949) 342-4440

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